Higher Consciousness For Young Men - Stephen Busby

Brotherhood of Men is a series of workshops to empower young men in how to become more authentic, courageous and vulnerable – a clearer channel for spirit and soul.

We invite teachers and speakers to share their knowledge, teachings and wisdom. These events are non profit and hosted by the YoungVision association.

Higher consciousness for young men

Through our questions, our dreams, our passion and pain, as men, we find consciousness – and the possibility of discovering more in ourselves. Working creatively with awareness supports us in the many challenges and invitations of our lives. There are higher levels of consciousness available to us when we meet each other deeply, and in these two days we invite you to bring your questions and alive-issues, your problems and next-potential. We will be working in English, using dialogue, inner work, and systemic constellations, and we will be creative with language if any translation is needed. We also invite the presence of a few older men, to witness and support our work together.

About Stephen
Stephen has a healing, training and coaching practice, and has worked in many countries for over thirty-five years. He is based at the Findhorn Community in Scotland: an experiment in conscious living, an education centre and eco-village. Stephen’s work integrates diverse sources and teachings including subtle energy and soul-purpose work, mysticism, and systemic (family) constellation work. He has facilitated men’s work for twenty years, in Europe, the USA, and online.

Accomodation & Course Fee & Details

– You can sleep in a doormatory or in a hut
– Private rooms are available for 29€/ night

Course Fee:
– 90€ (incl. Accommodation & organic food)
– This price doesn’t include any payment for Stephen, please feel free to make a donation to him according to any benefit you feel you receive.

– For registration please send an e-mail to brotherhoodofmen@gmx.de. You will then recieve a registration form

For german speakers:
Ein Basiswortschatz in Englisch ist Vorraussetzung. Doch auch hier gilt: Brüder helfen sich. Solltest du dich also unsicher in der englischen Sprache fühlen, wird jemand da sein der dich bei der Übersetzung unterstützt.




As part of Young Vision Assosiation, there is no Alcohol or Drugs allowed during this Event

Josh and Stephen